Secure, Manage, And Exchange Cryptocurrency On Desktop, Mobile, and Hardware Wallets

HOGI is making it easy to connect with crypto applications, allowing anyone to benefit from decentralized finance and crypto apps without needing a blockchain expert. There is no need to download several apps as this helps with multiple functions.

HOGI Coin is a digital currency; thus, it must be stored digitally. This is where wallets come in. Our wallet system will keep your digital currency safe and secure on your mobile and desktop devices.

It has two essential security features: a public key and at least one backup phrase as a private key. The public key functions similarly to an email address to which anyone can send digital currency. The private key functions similarly to an email address’s password in that it protects digital money safe and secure on your mobile device.

When you send or receive digital currency, your wallet address is recorded on our blockchain network’s distributed ledger. This is a public record of every transaction you’ve ever entered into. It contains no personally identifiable information.

When it comes to trading on the HOGI wallet, everything is self-explanatory. When sending or receiving crypto, the wallet displays the transfer fees, the amount of crypto that will be debited, and the amount of crypto added when trading between two cryptocurrencies.

Many top-tier coins, like BTC, ETH, DOGE, DASH, and many ERC20 tokens, including the HOGI currency, are supported by our wallets.

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