About Us

About The HOGI Project:

We are constructing the crypto-economy, which will enable a more equitable, accessible, efficient, and transparent financial system.

We began with the novel idea that anybody, anywhere, should be able to send and receive cryptocurrencies quickly and securely. Today, we provide a secure and simple platform for accessing the broader crypto-economy.

Our Goal:

Everyone has the right to financial services that will enable them to make a better life for themselves and their families. If the global economy were based on a shared set of standards that any corporation or government could not control, the world would be a more appropriate and accessible place, and human progress would be accelerated. Our goal is to create a decentralized world!

Our Work Culture

Active Community:

We are direct and concise. We efficiently communicate information, which improves teamwork and production. We engage in active listening.


We have a proclivity for action. We do high-quality work promptly. We concentrate on the 20% of work that will result in 80% of the impact.

Our Values:

We’re humble and prefer to learn above being right. We value providing and accepting genuine feedback, and we view every setback as an opportunity to grow.

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