The HOGI Project

HOGI is a cryptocurrency project based on blockchain technology. With cross-platform support and massive compatibility, HOGI has the potential to revolutionize the entire crypto market.

With the help of the top investors and numerous applications being developed using blockchain technology, the possibilities are endless for growth.

About HOGI Project

The HOGI project is an enormous platform in the crypto-financial world with the top investors backing it up. The team behind HOGI Projects are certified blockchain developers who are working tirelessly to bring this revolutionary idea to life.

The HOGI ecosystem features various blockchain applications such as HOGI ERC20 tokens, HOGI Wallet, HOGI Pay,HOGI Gold,HOGI Real estate and more. These applications are built on the latest blockchain technology and follow the best development practices to provide users with the maximum functionality with absolutely no compromise on quality and security.

The Technology

We have developed the HOGI ecosystem using the latest development technologies which include NodeJS, ReactJS, and React Native. All the applications in this ecosystem are completely decentralized which offers users top-notch transparency and security.

Moreover, an Ethereum based logic layer is used to handle all the transactions on the HOGI GOLD network. The HOGI GOLD is a beta-ready 4 layer decentralized system using low latency IPFS as a storage layer for the metadata. This helps to increase the scalability and compatibility of the applications based on the blockchain.

HOGI Ecosystem

HOGI Financial

A crypto financial application  to swap different ERC20 tokens on Ethereum network with using HOGI pool in a fast and secure way.



A NFT ERC721 platform developed on Ethereum blockchain in a secure way to buy and trade digital lingot.


A financial app to exchange money, buy cryptos and manage your financial activities.  Its all in one app to manage your financial flow.



An ERC20 token created on Ethereum secure network. HOGI token is a base token for HOGI ecosystem.

HOGI Wallet

A decentralized desktop and mobile wallet for multiple coins with backup phrase  and restore.

HOGI Real Estate

Asset 1

Turn your real-world assets into digital tokens and sell or trade them in minutes with big investors.


A non-fungible token is a digital unit stored in a blockchain that represents a unique item.

Key Dates

  • HOGI Wallet Development

    HOGI decentralized wallet becomes ready for launch for our users to manage multiple coins including the base tokens.
    May 2021
  • HOGI NFT Development

    Our blockchain development team has worked tirelessly to complete the HOGI NFT on Ethereum ERC721 protocol.
    July 2021
  • HOGI Financial Development

    The development of the HOGI crypto swap app begins.
    August 2021
  • HOGI GOLD Development

    The HOGI GOLD has been launched on the crypto market.
    November 2021
  • HOGI Token Development

    The HOGI Financial System Base Token becomes ready to be launched in the crypto market.
    Jan 2022
  • HOGI Pay Development

    HOGI Pay, which is a secure financial flow management system is completed and launched.
    May 2022
  • HOGI Real Estate Development

    The platform to tokenize real estate into cryptocurrency for instant trading is successfully launched.
    July 2022

Our Team

Arslan Naseem
Blockchain Expert
Muhammad Waqas
Blockchain Consultant
Technical Project Manager
Fasih Haider
Blockchain Developer
Salman Dayal
React Native Developer
Hogi Founder
The Majic
Strategic Consultant
Sales and marketing -Europe-
Business Developer